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All About Us

Maratha Mandir Banquets is a legacy that was started in the year 1999. Inaugurated by the reverend and holy Guru Gagangiri Maharaj, the beginnings of Maratha Mandir Banquets have been auspicious and full of the belief of preserving our age-old culture and traditions. Situated in the vicinity of Waman Ganesh Mandir, Datta Mandir, and a Hanuman mandir, the general aura of Maratha Mandir brims with charm and positivity. These temples are a hubbub of celebrations during Ganesh Jayanti, Dutta Jayanti, Basant Panchami, and Hanuman Jayanti. The beginnings marked social events where the underprivileged were provided with food during these celebrations in the temple arena. This slowly then transitioned into social events which ultimately led to the birth of Maratha Mandir Banquets. What began as a small seedling has now taken up strong roots with a blossoming experience of more than 20 years in providing warm and personalized services in the catering and hospitality industry.




Located in the quaint and serene suburbs of Pune, Maratha Mandir Banquets is a perfect calm away from the chaos. Situated in Bavdhan Khurd, just off NDA Pashan Road, it is nestled amidst hillocks which makes it a perfect place for every event. It is easily accessible for all the guests from in as well as outside of Pune. This prime location has made Maratha Mandir a landmark in the Bavdhan area.


Main Hall and Terrace

Maratha Mandir Banquets is built on a huge area with each area assorted to different functions. The main building is 2 floors and can comfortably accommodate a strength of 800 to 1000 guests. This makes it perfect for large events like weddings and receptions. Other small events like engagements, corporate events, and exhibitions can also be held according to your needs and requirements. Smaller events like haldi, mehendi, bridal showers, baby showers, and even corporate events can be conducted on our beautiful terrace area with a view of the surrounding vicinity. Decorations add a different charm and beauty to all the events. Thus, the decoration for all of these events is provided by us and customized according to your needs


Dining area

Food is a prerequisite to every event and we make sure that you have a refined dining experience at Maratha Mandir Banquets. Our dining area is spotlessly clean and we ensure that our kitchens follow the highest hygiene standards. There are different kitchens for the main area and the terrace area. This increases efficiency as well as keeps our staff easily accessible to all of your requirements. Buffet and Traditional ‘Pangat’, both of these options are available to our clients.


Amphitheatre seating area

We provide an amphitheatre seating area that is perfect for events like Sangeet, naming ceremonies and even bridal showers. It provides a different seating style that brings attention to the main event and it is thus beloved for all of these functions.



The rooms at Maratha Mandir Banquets and spacious, clean, and well maintained. There are 12 rooms altogether. The rooms are equipped with basic amenities like storage space, bed, full-sized mirror, and running hot water. Spacious rooms are perfect for the bride and groom to get ready comfortably along with enough space for keeping the luggage.


Ample parking space and Kids area

One of the most enticing aspects of Maratha Mandir is the huge parking area in an area of almost an acre. 200 cars can comfortably fit in the parking space along with ample parking space even for two-wheelers. The VIP parking area can easily accommodate at least 50 cars as well. Apart from the parking space, we understand that social events tend to get taxing for children. This is the sole reason that we have kept a kids’ area for the children to enjoy and relish their time while their parents are busy during the event.

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One of the most enticing aspects of any and all events is the food menu. We are strong believers of the adage that the way to any persons’ heart is through their tummy! This is why we offer refined catering services for all the events. Our caterers strive hard to create a perfect blend of dishes to satisfy your taste buds and make your experience at Maratha Mandir Banquets a memorable one. We provide a number of best and experienced caterers for your choice.



An event becomes even more embellished with classy and elegant decor. We understand this and provide customized decoration services that involve floral decor, pandals, lights, backgrounds, so on and so forth. A beautiful decoration can amp up the ambience of any event and we take absolute pleasure in arranging regal decorations according to your needs and requirements.

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“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

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